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5 Ways IoT can Improve Facility Management

Updated: May 3, 2023

As with every aspect of our lives, the global coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly impacted and affected how we live and work. The contact between humans is more limited than ever. IoT is helping us to remain connected between sensors, devices, systems, and humans.

The prices of IoT hardware are dropping. Challenges of Putting sensors, processing power, network bandwidth, edge processing and cloud storage are within reach for more users and making a wider range of IoT applications practical in 2021.

There are many ways IoT can help in Facility Management. We choose the five most useful ways how IoT can help in the FM industry.

Condition-based maintenance (Predictive maintenance)

Through continuous monitoring, determine when maintenance will be needed, save on routine maintenance costs, and avoid failures.

For example, the data from sensors in a water pumping station could trigger an alarm when a pump is overheating and about to fail.

But to get larger benefits, we could use IoT data for condition-based maintenance—determining long before the pump begins to overheat so that it can be repaired or replaced.

Energy and environment management

IoT based Intelligent energy management systems can automatically sense when an area in the building is unoccupied or occupied and adjust cooling and lighting as needed.

Using intelligent streetlights, with auto-dimming, which become fully lit only when a vehicle is nearby. The Scandinavian country has installed new lights that lower their intensity when there are no vehicles nearby. Radar sensors pick up on movement, which makes the lights switch on when a vehicle is approaching.

Operation Management

Use IoT to centrally or remotely monitor people, vehicles, and devices to improve productivity and optimize operations. By correlating vehicle location and traffic information, the routing of the maintenance team can be optimized.

Health and Safety

IoT sensors can prevent accidents and injury in dangerous work environments by sounding an alarm or shutting off machinery when a worker approaches near the machines. Sensors can also protect worker health by tracking exposure to harmful chemicals and radiation. An AI-powered CCTV camera can detect the worker at the construction site without a safety helmet or personal protective equipment.

IoT-Enable R&D

Manufacturers can develop new components with actual usage data generated by IoT-enabled equipment to avoid specific failures and eliminate unused features.

Pre-Sales and Sales

IoT will change the bases of competition. Service and equipment suppliers can suggest more appropriate service plans or equipment models to the customers based on usage data.

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