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Adding Smartness to Facility Management

Updated: May 3, 2023

The time has come to move to a smart facility management system from a traditional one. When more and more smart cities and digitalized townships, and commercial and residential establishments come up in and around emerge, the conventional facility management system will become irrelevant. Hence it needs to change and adapt to the new way of working. Today’s facility management requires dealing with many activities of managing the facility, equipment, devices, and physical security of people.

The complexity of these activities will be more when we deal with large, distributed, and remote sites. In such situations, traditional facility management becomes impossible and incapable to handle many variants of situations. At the same time, the demand for cost-saving, customer delight & productivity in the facility management domain is multifold today.

Smart facility management, especially with a system to monitor centrally, will answer the current demand and complexity of Facility Management. With centralized monitoring of multi-locational sites with the help of the latest monitoring devices, IoT equipment and Remote Alarm Management Software can reduce security risks and take care of equipment and devices. A Centralized repository of information and data can generate valuable insights about the data and can help for realistic decisions and actions.

Tangible benefits for Smart Facility Management are many, and some of them are as follows.

  1. Information at your fingertips. Realtime Monitoring and control makes Smart Facility Management proactive than reactive.

  2. Improved Operational Efficiency – Many insights can be derived for better management of workload through also for Automation

  3. Higher Uptime of Assets- Asset Management with Lower Maintenance Cost, Higher efficiency, Reliable operations, Improved Asset life

  4. Actionable Insights – Data and Information available at a central location for trend analysis, Performance monitoring and quick action

  5. Centralized monitoring will help to Bench Marking, Estimation for future facilities management planning.

  6. Real-Time Data & Reporting– The centralized database will contribute to Performance, Trends Analysis and quick decision making. Also, Monitoring of SLA & KPI.

And here are some Intangible Benefits of Smart Facility Management:

  1. Customer Delight

  2. Prevention of Incidents/ Accidents

  3. Facilitate Environmental care and contribute to reducing the carbon footprint.

  4. Data for audits

Intertech Software Development (ISD) has software development capabilities for design. It develops high-quality software applications for situational awareness and remote communication to monitor, verify, resolve, and manage events from remote locations. RAMsys is one of the flagship software products of ISD and has been built with the most modern Microservice Architecture, which enables RAMsys to provide consistent user experiences across a range of platforms, spanning the web, mobile & IoT etc. RAMsys is developed under an IS027001 certified environment, which guarantees an exceptional level of informational security.

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