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AI Maturity and its Journey

Updated: May 3, 2023

The Journey of Artificial Intelligence from more advanced expert computer systems from the early eighties to today’s machine learning and deep learning has gone through a tough and bumpy ride. Just a few years back, only people thought that neural networks were something like science fiction. This paradigm shift towards Artificial Intelligence is because of the convergence of big data, advancements in cloud computing and the research and developments in machine learning and deep learning.

Today the core of Artificial Intelligence is about deriving insights from the data. How do you know AI could add value to your day-to-day operations and is useful for your organization? Let’s get into some details about how AI is evolved so far before you get started on your journey to AI.

If you look into the past, present & future of AI, In the past, AI was supporting human actions only, using SDT: Structure data interaction and RPA: Robotic process automation. And today, AI is mimicking human actions using RPA: Robotic process automation, ML: Machine learning, NLP: Nature language processing. Likewise, we can expect in the future; AI will try to augment and mimics human intelligence using ML & NLP.

How mature are you in AI? The maturity of AI in every organization is different, and its impact is determined by the type of business and its complexity. The maturity of AI is also dependent on how easy it is for AI to optimize the company’s core functions. AI could be highly beneficial and hence take it as an opportunity rather than as a challenge. Broadly we can categorize into four stages of AI maturity in an organization.

  1. AI Novice: Has not taken proactive steps on the AI journey.

  2. AI Ready: Sufficiently prepared in terms of strategy, organizational setup. And data availability to implement AI.

  3. AI proficient: A reasonable degree of practical experience and understanding of moving forward with AI, but there are still gaps and limitations.

  4. AI advanced: A good level of AI expertise, with a proven track record across a range of use cases

RAMsys & AI: In 2018, RAMsys was at AI Novice, and in 2020, RAMsys is built with AI Ready. Presently RAMsys is AI Proficient. RAMsys helps organizations collect a huge amount of data about their systems and business operation to enable them to do the right and proper data analysis, which will help them toward their AI journey and get the max benefits of AI in enhancing the operation of the remote alarm management system. AI journey for RAMsys to continue, and in the year 2025, RAMsys will be AI Advanced.

RAMSYS is one of the flagship software products of ISD and has been built with the most modern Microservice Architecture, which enables RAMsys to provide a consistent user experience across a range of platforms, spanning the web, mobile & IoT etc.

ISD also has a secure development environment certified by TUV-NORD after complying with international standards for information security – ISO 27001:2013.

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