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Dynamic Streaming Gateway Servers

The importance of sharing video feeds in real-time from multiple sites is vital for providing relevant data to businesses and enforcement agencies. It promotes reassurance to businesses, reduces risks, and accelerates response time in an emergency.

On-premises Video Management System (VMS) is excellent, but it has its limitations regarding interconnectivity and centralized monitoring. Cameras and video encoders from remote sites need to be incorporated into the central operations center for enhanced situational awareness using a dynamic streaming gateway server.

RAMsys Flux redistributes video streams from remote sites to multiple destinations. A high-performance stream server can decode from any 3rd party CCTV cameras and encoders. Dynamically process all the incoming Unicast streams and redistributes them as multicast to any video wall controller. Supports 150 Full HD streams guaranteeing low-latency processing. With its versatility, it can be deployed on physical and virtual servers. RAMsys Flux is hardware agnostic, which makes it easy to deploy and maintain.

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