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Enhancing business decisions with AI

Updated: May 3, 2023

The world heard about Artificial Intelligence from the early fifties. Artificial intelligence is a grouping of many different technologies to enable machines to replicate or simulate human-like intelligence. Thanks to the advancement of internet technologies and cloud computing, AI has become more popular today, and the world now is towards collecting more data. The amount of data collected at the moment is huge. As per the old saying data Speaks, all the answers are in the data and hence to get them out, we need to rely on technology and an increased reliance on Artificial intelligence AI.

Data scientists in Organizations can analyze data and identify a possible outcome of this data. They can use Machine learning to reach a mathematical representation of those data’s outcome, which will enable them to create their AI models. Fine-tuning the AI models will help them get a realistic outcome and help them make better decisions. These decisions can be made by human or even done by machines to help enhance the business operation. The quality of these decisions depends on the data. If you analyze the best data in an industry domain, even if everyone is applying the same techniques, the good data will generate real intelligence.

Many speak about AI today, and Information about AI is floating around the media, especially on many social media platforms. But one needs to carefully study and identify which area of the business need AI adoption. This requires strategic direction from the business leadership for the best and efficient adoption of AI.

RAMsys helps organizations collect a huge amount of data about their systems and business operation to enable them to do the right and proper data analysis, which will help them toward their AI journey and get the max benefits of AI in enhancing the operation of the remote alarm management system.

RAMSYS is one of the flagship software products of ISD and has been built with the most modern Microservice Architecture, which enables RAMsys to provide a consistent user experience across a range of platforms, spanning the web, mobile & IoT etc.

ISD also has a secure development environment certified by TUV-NORD after complying with international standards for information security – ISO 27001:2013.

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