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Evolution of RAMsys (Remote Alarm Management System)

Updated: May 3, 2023

Control room market has witnessed many challenges and changes in their overall operation and adoption of technology. There were limited options for remote site monitoring of live CCTV videos from a centralized control room until recently. Many faced challenges in the monitoring of multiple remote sites using different CCTV systems. Introduction of a Hardware-based solution by Intertech Vision Middle East (ITV) to their clients was a boon in disguise those days.

In 2012, ITV further revolutionized the industry by designing and developing a combined solution for remote site panic button-based alarm monitoring and live video streaming. With the successful deployment of the solution, clients have immediate access to remote live CCTV videos from a centralized location, along with a panic button alarm. Communication bandwidth requirement was still a challenge to many in those days. ITV introduced a video streaming system, which utilizes a minimum bandwidth requirement between remote sites and the centralized location.

In our journey of past twenty plus years in the industry and deployment of video streaming system to more than 900 remote sites, we have come across challenges faced by many of our customers.

  1. Monitoring & Tracking of Alarms

  2. Manual logging of alarms.

  3. Only a limited amount of information can be monitored simultaneously.

  4. Keeping track of alarms, no alarm ID, date, time, site details, contacts.

  5. Human dependent alarm triggering

  6. No guided procedure for operators

  7. Not possible to share information with central locations.

  8. Lack of Data for Historical analysis and Business Intelligence

Formation of Intertech Software Development-ISD has allowed us to utilize their 100 plus collective years of knowledge and experience in the control room environment to revolutionize further the hardware-based solution to a software-based remote alarm monitoring solution– RAMsys.

RAMsys is a unified remote alarm management solution that manages the complete life cycle of alarms generated from Remote Sites (i.e., video surveillance & analytic systems, fire detection systems, Intruder & access control systems, building management systems, and fever detection systems).

RAMsys also protects your remote assets by providing a complete overview of all assets and actionable intelligence. Today RAMsys can use an AI-based Edge video analytics device for helping alarms from remote and rural areas where a low internet bandwidth to reach SOC.

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