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Improving Multiple Remote Site Alarm Management

Organisations with a large number of remote sites has many challenges in the area of situation awareness and management of alarms. Traditional challenges include

  • No real-time alarm for intrusions, fire, panic, the temperature in the server room, and water leakage in the control room.

  • Alarm notification is depending on humans using telephone calls with manual logbooks.

  • Alarm surveillance video can only be viewed after the event, and often evidence DVD takes time to reach SOC due to logistics and travel.

Just imagine water leakage in the server room during the holidays; the staff will only find out after the holidays. The water damage has been done to the servers, which could cost thousands of dollars for the replacement, and business operations are severely affected and potential loss of business. If the facility management knows the water leak initially, they will save servers and IT systems.

When you multiply this scenario to multiple offices or sites, the potential of replacement cost and business loss becomes significant. One could argue that an insurance policy would cover the cost of the replacement hardware, then how about the interruption in business operation, loss of customer trust during the downtime?

This is just an example of one alarm, how about Fire, Temperature rises due to air-conditioning failure, Theft, and vandalism? With all these potential risks present, organisations could not afford to continue handling alarms traditionally.

To avoid any potential risk, all the critical alarms must reach concerned personals in real-time with actionable information such as but not limited to Live CCTV video, type of alarm and location of alarm site, quick manual of alarm system, floor plan of the site, contact of authorized personals and government agencies.

Besides, step-by-step procedures in handling different alarm types are critical to ensure the correct steps have been taken to address the warning.

RAMsys was created to improve multiple remote site alarm management for the organisations. With RAMsys, the Main control room will receive all the alarms and Live CCTV video in real-time from various remote sites.

RAMsys alarms will include a unique ID, status, type, time & date, geolocation, live CCTV video, asset documents, live map of the alarm location. Live CCTV video can be shared from the operator to a Large screen video wall to see the event’s overview.

RAMsys workflow engine will guide operator step by step instruction in how to handle specific alarm. All necessary contact details are also available to verify the notice and report to authorities—powerful reporting tools built into RAMsys for post-analysis of the event and internal auditing.

Regardless of legacy or IP based systems deployed at the site, RAMsys will communicate and receive the alarms without spending a large budget on upgrading existing systems. Cloud-native and web browser base technology, RAMsys can be deployed in a short time and easily scalable. In the connected world as of today, RAMsys is essential to reduce business and operational risk.

RAMsys is a non-intrusive situational management platform thoughtfully designed to keep your assets safer than ever. It uses sophisticated technology to predict and notify you about incidents before they even happen. We bring your business into your own hands anywhere around the world. All you need is a laptop, tablet or a phone and you’re all set. We are also IS027001 and ISO9001 certified, which guarantees you a peace of mind and an exceptional level of security.

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