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Remote Alarm Management Concept is Trending Beyond 2020

Updated: May 3, 2023

When we discuss remote alarm management (RAM), there are different RAM meanings for other people and organisations.

RAM could mean “accessing and monitoring your access control, intrusion, and CCTV video surveillance system from outside of premise using mobile devices.”

For residential, small commercial, and single office, RAM is gaining popularity among owners and management with high-speed internet, simple VPN appliances, and cloud based Vsaas solutions. With the availability of a 5G network globally, high-resolution CCTV live video monitoring has become simpler for mobile devices to view high-quality real-time videos.

Receiving alarms in real-time with CCTV live video gives total awareness of your premise and the ability to act accordingly when situations arise.

RAM could also mean “accessing and monitoring your access control, intrusion and CCTV video surveillance system of multiple remote sites from main control room” for the enterprises, large residential and large commercial companies.

For the developed countries with robust telecom infrastructure, making multiple remote sites as a federation setup for access control, intrusion, and CCTV video surveillance system is easily achievable.

With all remote sites are connected, organisations now can receive the alarms using RAM in real-time given total situational awareness for taking preventative or corrective actions. Also, RAM systems can provide historical data of past notices for training and analysis.

However, deploying different manufactured products at various sites brings complication for federation setup due to other technology and communication protocols between manufacturers.

For the developing countries, telecom infrastructure to the remote site is not efficient as in developed countries, and it is quite normal to find 1 to 2 Mb internet connection. Access control and intrusion systems will work with low internet bandwidth, but the CCTV video surveillance system requires higher bandwidth to transmit good quality live video (FHD @ 15fps). With internet bandwidth limitation, making federation of remote sites become nearly impossible for CCTV video surveillance systems.

With the help of RAMsys from ISD, which has superior bandwidth management technology, CCTV video surveillance systems can be included in the RAM for sending quality live CCTV video together with alarms from other security systems.

Challenge is the same as in developing countries, though Access control and intrusion systems will work with low internet bandwidth, and receiving alarms from different manufacturers requires custom integration work. Custom integration work will increase the cost of ownership.

For both small or large organisation, the values of having Remote Alarm Management out weight the difficulties of integration and deployment. The cost is the primary factor of small organisations; reducing the risk by taking prevention and corrective action in real-time is critical for a large organisation. Whether the challenge is the cost or reduces risk, Remote Alarm Management’s everyday needs are increasing in 2021.

RAMsys is a non-intrusive situational management platform thoughtfully designed to keep your assets safer than ever. It uses sophisticated technology to predict and notify you about incidents before they even happen. We bring your business into your own hands anywhere around the world. All you need is a laptop, tablet or a phone and you’re all set.

We are also IS027001 and ISO9001 certified, which guarantees you a peace of mind and an exceptional level of security.

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