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Where is Humanity in AI today

Updated: May 4, 2023

AI is booming now, and many of us are starting to realize that those science fiction movie scenes are slowly becoming a reality. Currently, many business applications make use of AI capabilities. Some of us directly or indirectly use AI in the daily routine of activities.

So, let us look into the various types of AI applications currently and check whether any commercial AI application exists.

In general, there are three types of AI and which are:

  1. Narrow AI: A machine that can perform specific human tasks. These types of AI are commonly seen today. Many AI application exists in Narrow AI Type.

  2. General AI: These types of AI help a machine to perform intellectual, physical, and emotional human tasks, and of course, it currently does not exist.

  3. Super AI: These types are the ultimate type of AI and help machines with cognitive abilities surpass human intelligence, and it currently does not exist.

In today’s time, all the AI application available in Marketing, Banking, Finance, Agriculture, HealthCare, Gaming, Space Exploration, Autonomous Vehicles, Chatbots and Artificial Creativity are falling under the type of Narrow AI.

And interestingly, the most commonly heard AI terms like Virtual Companions, Real-Time Universal Translation, Thought Controlled Gaming, NextGen Cloud Robotics, Autonomous Surgical Robots, Robotic Personal Assistants, Cognitive Cyber Security, Neuromorphic Computing, Autonomous Systems, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Neural Networks, Pattern Recognition, Processing, Chatbots, Real-Time Emotion Analytics also falls under Narrow AI.

As humans, we all can learn new techniques and ideas and have the capability to apply those insights in many different situations. For example, we can learn how to play a game of chess and can use the knowledge we gain during the learning to be used in another game or a different game or situations, but as of today for machines which are trained to play a game of chess can only play the same game and cannot have the capability to generalize the model to play another game or use the knowledge in different game or situation. This will be a future reality as and when General AI exists.

Many AI subject matter experts feel that it is so early to expect a machine to think and act like a human as we are just getting matured in Narrow AI, and we are very far away from that now. For them, it is like someone worries about road traffic on Mars before even a human land on Mars.

In RAMsys, we believe that AI will enhance remote alarm management by providing aid to operation through intelligent workflow and smart verification for alarms and reducing the full process’s response time.

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