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Our Story

RAMsys is a comprehensive situational management system designed for businesses that strive for unrivaled security standards. It is the premier offering from Intertech Software Development, a company established in 2017, proudly based in Dubai, U.A.E, with a significant presence in Cairo, Egypt. We leverage our rich industry experience, delivery prowess, and technical know-how to aid enterprises in crafting valuable, customer-centric products.


The cornerstone of RAMsys' success lies in ensuring unparalleled customer satisfaction and fostering enduring relationships. The system is brought to you by a team deeply enriched by its roots in our parent company, Intertech Vision Middle East - a recognized leader in the realm of control room solutions. The invaluable insights and expertise garnered from Intertech Vision Middle East allowed us to lay the foundation of Intertech Software Development and steer it towards becoming a significant player in the software industry. We carry forward this legacy and the lessons learned into the heart of RAMsys, driving our vision for superior security solutions.

“Harnessing alarm data in real-time to make accurate decisions and initiate actions improving security
and operational efficiency.”

Why Choose Us?

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Talented Team

RAMsys has a top-notch team of highly skilled technologists, architects, Info security and software professionals.

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You're  Our Priority

Our clients are our #1 priority. We regularly use a constant stream of customer feedback to innovate our futuristic product portfolio.

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Product Innovation

Our extensive experience in control rooms combined with Technological innovation helps us to transform customer experiences with the right product and technology.

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We believe our platform is the most unique in the world and we really can’t wait till you get your hands on it.


Years of control rooms innovation


Years of combined experience


Control Rooms

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