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RAMsys Eye

Analytic overview of alarms and assets that provides situational awareness

Get to know RAMsys Eye. It's your all-in-one tool for keeping track of security in real-time. It combines alarm and asset details, giving you a live look at your operations and helping spot problems early.


RAMsys Eye is built for managers and directors. It offers easy monitoring, clear reports, and in-depth analysis. Make better decisions and simplify your security with RAMsys Eye, the go-to tool for top-notch security control.

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Elevate your management's decision-making with RAMsys Eye Insights. This feature provides real-time situational analysis and data-driven insights.

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Streamline communication using RAMsys Eye's built-in email and chat features. Managers can swiftly address security incidents by initiating chats and sending emails directly within the platform.

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Visualize alarms and assets effortlessly with RAMsys Eye's interactive map feature. Gain a comprehensive overview of your security landscape by viewing your entire operation on a country-wide map.

RAMsys Eye SS-02.png

Keep track of open alarms effortlessly using RAMsys Eye's trend chart visualization. This feature enables you to monitor and analyze alarm patterns over time, helping you optimize your security response.

RAMsys Eye SS-05.png

Get a detailed view with RAMsys Eye's table feature. Managers can see in-depth alarm and asset information, making it easier to make decisions and improve security management.

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