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RAMsys Cntrl

An intelligent AV content management & device monitoring software

Our specially-designed Video Content Management System makes managing video walls a breeze, delivering streamlined oversight and expedited response times.

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RAMsys Control's Live Preview lets operators see content in real-time before it hits the videowall. Eliminate guesswork and enhance precision in your control room.

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Select your displays

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Configure your displays

Configure your layout

Select your sources

How RAMsys Control (CMS) works?

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Intuitive user interface with live viewing, drag & drop, resizing, and repositioning of video sources​

Work with or without Creston, AMX and other AV control system controllers​

Native integration with  Barco CMS and Opspace

Add USB switching function to Barco Opspace​

Seamlessly search, preview, and display content


Fully configurable, auto-discovery of devices


Smart KVM control


Sharing content securely

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