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AI and Data Analytics in


AI refines alarm handling in RAMsys, and data analytics serve actionable insights for right-time decisions—a holistic approach to efficient and smart alarm management. Swipe right for benefits >

Introducing RAMsys View+

Seamlessly Orchestrate Your Video Wall Experience with RAMsys View+

Why Choose RAMsys?

Choose RAMsys for a reliable, efficient, and user-friendly remote alarm management solution. Our software integrates seamlessly with your security infrastructure, providing real-time monitoring and quick response capabilities. With 24/7 support and regular updates, RAMsys saves time and resources while ensuring the protection of your property and assets. Make the smart choice—choose RAMsys for your security needs.

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Real-time Monitoring

Why RAMsys-02.png

Improved Visibility

Why RAMsys-03.png

Increased Efficiency

Why RAMsys-04.png

Informed Decision-Making

Why RAMsys-09.jpg

Highest Level of

Why RAMsys AI-18.png

AI and Data Analytics

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Remote Access

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Highest Level of Integration

Case Scenarios

Our scenarios describe how RAMsys can work in each of these industries. Click below on the industry that best suits you.

Security Management

Loss Prevention

Risk Management


Facility Management

Health & Safety

Business Applications

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What's New for RAMsys

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